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Some of our reviews!

“We absolutely love your work and will recommend you to anyone.”   Maricar K

“I love the kitchen even more now that we have been cooking in it - it gives me joy.  I appreciate your attention to detail.”  Christine L

“We’re very happy with the results.. (of the kitchen, dining, family room, entry and 2 bathrooms). We really appreciate all your input and experience helping us to make this renovation our own and something we’re delighted to live in.”  Brian T

"I love our house now.  You have to think about every function of the house and what you need and want, looks, everything.  The process was clear cut and easy which is why we love you!”   Sam K

”The new (kitchen, dining, living room) design lifted the whole house to a new, comfortable heightened level. Thanks so much”  Rob & Donna

“Enjoying our (addition for kitchen, dining room, family room) remodel immensely!”  Laura D


“It looks gorgeous.”  Yifat L

”We are so happy and enjoying the layout and kitchen.  We hosted 14 for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone enjoyed the space.  Thanks again for your expertise and help in the process.”.  Cherri Z

“We are loving our kitchen.”  Adreen D

“Oh, yes, enjoying the new bathroom. Love it, really love it!”  Carol A

“We are loving our bathrooms.” Kerry B

“…our kitchen. I love, love, love it!”  Barbara C

“THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Everyone keeps asking for a good designer, and I'll keep sending them your way. The feedback I get regarding your work is wonderful. Thank you!!!” Dave C - realtor

“Thank you SO much for your sound advice and referrals, really appreciate it!  Super helpful.” Gratefully, Diana 

 “Thanks for your great design, we are so happy with it.  It feels like after living here 12 years we have finally moved in.”   Heidi F

“BTW, your various practical and efficient kitchen design suggestions have become a physical part of our everyday life.  Thank you for that; Life is good😊.” Cindy H


“We love our kitchen and so does everyone else!  Thanks so much for your help.”   Kristine L


“Thank you for your time and expertise on our project. I appreciate all your questions and insight as they are helping us to move closer towards a final design that we love!” Nelson L

“I love the kitchen and mudroom so much.  Can't thank you enough!!!”  Janeen P

“Mike and I have really enjoyed ALL of the new spaces. Our family and friends are very impressed. Lots of glowing reviews. Thank you for your help in creating this amazing space we call home.”  Kirstin S

“We are still enjoying our kitchen that you designed for over 7 years now:)”  Chrissie T

“Thank you for all your positivity and helpfulness. We needed every bit of it.” Pat P

“Thanks for all your help and guidance throughout the whole process. Bathrooms look good (great according to Anita and Sneha ::-)).”  Chandu

 “I had a party last weekend having friends over. They liked the new improved family room.” Dinh C

“Kitchen is looking great colors, cabinets, countertop everything is looking nice.”  Ajit D


“I am thoroughly enjoying the space to cook in…what a dream! Also love the countertops and cabinets- and have space that is unused, if you can believe that.  You will have to see my spice drawer - it is literally chock full. What a good team effort all around! Thanks for being there, Sue. You’ve really helped make this remodel a success!”  Mary A

“I'm Thankful for all your help.”  Patti A


“Thank you for everything you did to make it possible for us to move in by school start.  That was our #1 goal, so thank you for making that happen. And, the cabinets look amazing.!" Ann G

“Thank you for all the work you have done!  Building a house is a painful process, but with you it was somewhat less painful.  We appreciate it!” Jörn


 “For us, Vision Design’s services were essential to the efficient planning and execution of our project.  We feel as if we were able to avoid making many mistakes because of their skills and advice.  In addition, when things came up during the construction process, they were effective at helping us stay on schedule even as some things had to change.  They worked w/ both the contractor and sub-contractors on our behalf, which was very helpful. Given the breadth of products/sub-contractors out there, it was so useful to me to have them make recommendations or (in the case of the appliances) take us to people who could narrow down our choices.”    Leslie F

“So we got to try out the stove last night - and it's awesome! I'm a full convert from the church of gas to the church of induction! Super fast - definitely way way faster than our old burner - and super responsive. No burned residue from spilled food, super easy to wipe down, no chance of leaving home with the burner still on - it's absolutely all positives and no negatives (until we have a power cut ha!). It's now my mission to preach the gospel to all my friends!” Mike D

“It's been a long time since you did our kitchen remodel and it's holding up beautifully.”   Laurel I

“Thanks very much.  We appreciate your advice and expertise!”  Kathy & Leslie.

“Thank you for all the good work you did on our kitchen remodel.”  Gene K

 “I am very happy with everything. Thanks, again, for all of your help!”  Kandice K

“And YES, we love the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, EVERYTHING!  Some of my friends are now thinking about re-doing their kitchens now that they've seen mine.  If they get serious about it, I'll be sure to point them in your direction! :-)”  Mari B

“Yes, thanks for checking in! Everything is great! Thanks!” Cristina & Killian

“Thanks for all your help. You certainly made it much easier and more fun for me =). It was great working with you.”  Sharon M

“Everything turned out great with the new bathrooms and flooring”.  Shannon W

“We are continuing to love our kitchen every day. All the counter space and LIGHT (you remember how important that was to me!) makes it fun to be in there.  And once I get the music going, I lose track of time completely. I'm enjoying every minute in my kitchen.”  Sue S

“We thank you for your planning and advice. We will enjoy the new kitchen.” Chris

 “The Corian is all in and they did a beautiful job.  Thank you for your help planning this project.  We look forward to moving in and hope to enjoy our new rooms soon!”  Patsy U


“We are enjoying our new bathrooms every day”. Tina L

“I am very thankful you steered me away from Hickory. Thank you for all your help.” Vera R

 “One day we hope to build your design, we love it and appreciate the time and talent you put into it.”  Cindy A


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