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Why choose Vision Design?

Because we know what it takes to make a project come out right the first time!


After 35 years in the building industry, working on construction sites with structural engineers, builders, framers, insulators, electricians, plumbers, HVAC experts, cabinet makers, countertop fabricators, tile setters, floor installers, painters etc, we have the experience and judgement to make your job a success.


We have worked with hundreds of Bay Area families helping them get it just right the first time.

Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your remodel. We want the finished product to be exactly what you like and what works for you and your family. We want the design to be functional and timeless - so you will love it for as long as you live there - and it will be a good investment - because the next family will see the value in it also. 


We want the remodel experience to be a good one for you and the trades-people so it costs you as little time, money and stress as possible.  At the same time, we can help you achieve more energy independence, help reduce your carbon footprint and give you better indoor air quality.

Beauty, function and lower energy bills - this is what our design services will help you achieve!

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